With an illustrious 11-year tenure in the dynamic realm of the DJ industry, DJ Maw stands as a luminary figure in the world of electronic music performance. Recognized for her exceptional talent in seamlessly blending diverse genres, she commands the attention of audiences with her captivating sets. Originating from the Philippines, DJ Maw has evolved into a consummate professional, leaving an indelible impression on every platform she graces.


From an early age, DJ Maw embarked on a musical odyssey, drawing inspiration from trailblazing DJs who emerged in the vibrant landscape of 2012. Over the span of a decade, she meticulously honed her craft, emerging as a trendsetter within the industry and adeptly navigating the ever-evolving terrain of dance music.


Throughout her illustrious career, DJ Maw has shared the stage with titans of the industry and graced the lineup of prestigious festivals, solidifying her stature as a preeminent presence within both the pulsating atmosphere of dance clubs and the electrifying ambiance of music festivals.